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Welcome to TheTopGun™ award. 
The award must be earned, it cannot be purchased.
Inductees must be nominated and we accept No Money.

To be considered a business must have multiple positive referrals and throughout the process, rarely do they even know they are being evaluated. We want to see their normal operations rather than some special treatment to impress a judge.

We are a Not For Profit Organization.

The ONLY True Recognition system out there, we accept No Money.

How are we Different?

We are a part of BuyLOCAL™.

This is an Award for Excellence, not a subscription service.

No business can buy their way onto the list.

There are No requirements to purchase anything, like a plaque, table at an awards banquet, ads in a publication, website listing, promotional material, etc. We sell NO Merchandise.

Inductees must have multiple nominations and pass a rigorous qualification process.

This is NOT a subscription service disguised as an award. It MUST be Earned.  

The Award Certificate is FREE.

A Website Listing is Free. It's a consumer quick look-up that brings in New Customers to the business. 

Inductees also get a premier listing in their State(SAVE) site, a part of BuyLOCAL™.

Our BuyLOCAL™ system is expanding all across the Western Hemisphere.
Let us know if you or your organization would like to be involved.
There is No Charge. Our goal is to Help Local Businesses and Communities.
If you know of a business that is truly exceptional and you feel they are the BEST, why not nominate them?

On some of the listings you'll see this award.

Consumers can refine their search even further.

Launching soon in Canada.

Launching in March

With your Logo we'll produce your Camera Ready certificate at no Charge. The Qnow™ link goes to Your Listing.

Every inductee also automatically gets a free listing in their State(SAVE) site.